About our Company

About Our Company

Kid Friendly Weddings was first inspired while planning my own wedding in 2003.  I wanted to invite children to my special day but was concerned about young guests becoming bored during the reception.  I also wanted parents to enjoy the day without worrying about entertaining their kids.  After much consideration, I decided the best solution to keep all of my guests happy was to find a wedding activity book and other fun wedding themed toys.  Numerous Internet searches only produced frustration.  I was shocked that I could not find one company in cyberspace that sold child orientated wedding products.  If you visit a restaurant for a 45 minute meal, kids are immediately given coloring crayons and a coloring sheet.  Yet children attending a reception are expected to sit quietly for a 3 or 4 hour reception without anything to occupy their time.  Two years later my sister got engaged and encountered the same dilemma as she tried to include children at her event.  I decided it was time to get to work and start developing some much needed products for Kid Friendly weddings.  Our first product was the wedding activity book and it was a hit!  As we continue to grow, so does our commitment for developing a product line that creates a perfect day for brides and kids alike.